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Am I being bottlenecked?

I don't feel I am getting much benefit from my SLI setup.
While playing BF3 and other games, my GPU usage for both cards are around 50%.

However if I disable SLI, my single GPU usage is around 90%.
With that said I do not see any fps gains from BF3 or any other games that I play.

Do you guys think that my CPU is preventing my cards from performing to their fullest?

CPU: AMD phenom II x4 955 @ 4ghz

GPU: EVGA 560 Ti 1gb Superclocked.

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  1. Something is amiss, what other games and drivers have you tried?
  2. I've just been trying out Source engine games right now since it's all that I have installed ATM. which don't require much but the gpu usage is still around 50%/50%.
  3. Nvidia 285.62
  4. The 290.36 drivers are supposed to be better for BF3 and it might be an idea to install the PhysX driver as well.
  5. I did what you said but I'm getting the same results. Less than 60 fps with SLI enabled at 1920 x 1080.
  6. What was the GPU usage and does it increase if you OC the CPU?
  7. It was around 47-60 for both of them. I will try going up to 4.2ghz right now.
  8. I went from 4.0 to 4.2 ghz and didn't notice a difference at all.

    The usages went from 40-50-60% and then back down again.
    The two usually stay pretty even.
  9. Is Vsync on?
  10. Nope
  11. Why do you have 32 bit windows installed? its obvious that your games cant address more than 3.8gb because you have 32 bit windows.
  12. I have 64 bit
  13. Well i saw in usage picture that your gpu fan is at minimum, that could be the problem.

    But the temps seem fine so.
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    It pains me to say it but it does appear as though your CPU is the cause of your issues, you could try MSI's Afterburner just to see if it shows the same usage as EVGA's Precision's reading.
  15. If it is my CPU, what would be an appropriate upgrade? Phenom x6? Or a AM3+ generation? Since I will probably go with AMD.
  16. tonylka10 said:
    If it is my CPU, what would be an appropriate upgrade? Phenom x6? Or a AM3+ generation? Since I will probably go with AMD.

    I left the AMD camp when my 939 3800 x2 struggled with SLi'd 8800GT's.
  17. If you're getting 47-60FPS, why do you want to upgrade?

    If it's to play at higher settings, what happens when you play at those settings now?

    If it's just to get a balanced system, why not wait until you know what you're upgrading for. For all you know the next big game will be really CPU light, or optimised for 8 threads, or w/e.
  18. Well I'm not sure whether I should return my second video card or keep it and upgrade my cpu.

    I get the same performance without SLI
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  20. It's the CPU, no doubt. 955s aren't bad, but can't hold up a pair of GTX460s, let alone two 560s. Since you're going SLI, I presume you've got an AM3+ board? Or one of those special AM3 boards? The cheapest thing for you would be to get an 8120 (must be AM3+ mobo) and overclock it, because my 8150 doesn't bottleneck my three 6950s. Other option is you could get a Phenom II 1100t/1090t and overclock that....
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