Big problem wil a asus hd6970

Hi guys,

Just taken delivery of my fsx machine, i7-2700k based with a asus p8z68-v pro/gen3 motherboard. I bought it without a graphics card as the pc builder didn't supply asus cards and I specifically wanted the asus hd6970 direct CU II as I believed it to be a good brand, liked the twin cooling fans and the 6 video ports. Anyhow maching is running fine the card installed properly, fitted it a couple of times to be sure, latest drivers and utilities downloaded from asus and the system (win 7 64 bit) just does not recognise the card.

So what am I doing wrong? The fans are spinning and there is a red light on the board but nothing. One thing I still have to try is to power both of the auxailiary power sockets but that seems like a long shot.

So any help would be greatly appreciated as asus support is pretty non existent.
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  1. Ah, if you did not plug in all the power connections, the card won't work. You actually can damage the card if you don't.
  2. I realised that the little 2 pin plug hanging off the 6 pin plug could be used tomconvert the 6 pit to a 8 pin. So now I have power to both sockets and the card seems happier.

    However no I have lost the inboard video output that I was using.

    My monitor does not have a displayport input and as I cannot get a displayport-hdmi cable until Tuesday.

    I now understand that at least one monitor MUST be plugged into a display-port output so I will have to wait till Thursday to use my nice new machine.
  3. Some motherboards disable onboard video automatically when they sense an external video card being used, not an issue really, just how it works.
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