My Best Answers are not registering in Profile Status

Does it take a few days for Best Answers to register in the system?
I have had two best answers in CPUs the last couple of days
and they have not been noted in the Status and Badges

If they take a few days and this is normal
then I am sorry to waste anybody's time.
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  1. I've noticed the same kind of behavior. Best Answers for me seem to take about 24 hours to show up. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but I never really worried about it too much.
  2. This sometimes happens during the first week or so of the new month with badges and points.
  3. Thank you for your time gentlemen
    and fo r clearing that up

    I normally wouldnt worry about it either
    but I am only 3 BAs away from Silver Badge
    in CPUs
  4. yeach... same problem with me, I also experienced so well in the forum Overclock, CPU & components, and motherboard, if I got a BA, a global point will increase, whereas the figure in profile number remains the same, I hope that this problem is not sustainable.
  5. jpishgar said:
    This sometimes happens during the first week or so of the new month with badges and points.

    So does this mean that it will also clear itself up in the coming weeks, or does a moderator make a change? I ask because I'm experiencing a similar problem in (at least) the Overclocking forum. My profile shows I've only got 5, but I counted 7, as of yesterday.
  6. Joe and tecmo34 no about the issue,the tech team is working on it! :hello:
  7. Cool. Thanks.
  8. Thank you
  9. Hey guys, I was checking my profile... I scrolled down to the table that shows all the details like how many best answers it takes to get a badge ... etc... And I noticed that in the laptop category, between brackets it says I have one best answer. :pfff: I know that's not true... :non: I've had alteast 5-6 best answers, I might have even reached 10.. :o
    But it doesn't say that, and I'm not getting my badges :fou:
    So... what is the problem? Is it the THG servers? Or is my account... corrupt?

    I'm counting on a rep or a moderator to answer me... :hello:
    Thanks! :ange:
  10. well I have had about 5 best answers in CPUs and one best answer in Graphics that have not been registered isince the beginning of the month
    also on July 16th I have been a member for a year and didnt get that badge either

    kind of disheartening to see other members being recognized
    and I am not
  11. Yeah... but maybe they have the same issue >_> they might be getting recognized for something they did a couple of months ago...

    I think the servers are probably leaking or something, very slow, I mean, it takes a couple of days for an email to be sent to my Email account telling me I got selected as Best Answer for a thread I've already seen xD
  12. I went thru my email history, and according to that, I have 8 different emails from THG telling me I got selected for [each time a different] thread...
    Come on people! What is going on! :pfff:
  13. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Joe and tecmo34 no about the issue,the tech team is working on it! :hello:

    HPFreak have some patience LOL :)

    they know about it
  14. I have spoken with Joe and the Admin/Developers have this on their priority list to find the cause for this "issue" and correct it, as soon as possible. As king smp stated, please be patience with us and know we are working on this issue :D

    Best Regards,

  15. thanks tecmo34 :)
  16. Sorry, I shouldn't have posted that :non:
  17. wow cool thanks ... :D make me can smile , hopefully
  18. It's working!!! Thank you guys SOOO MUCH!

  19. Yes... It is back up and working now :D
  20. Working
    Thank you very much
    King SMP
  21. yes yes ... thank you, Now it's working
  22. Apologies for the temporary inconvenience on this one.
  23. really wasnt an incovenience
    except to my Ego LOL

    this month I went from veteran to addict
    got my silver CPU badge
    had my one year anniversary (luietenant) badge
    and none of it wasnt recognized for two weeks

    Again only my Ego was bruised :)

    Not like I lost money LOL
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