Antec 300 housing an Asus 680?

Direct CUII Top that is.

I'm guessing I'll have to chop off parts of the HDD rack. Since the card is specified to be 30cm (11.8inches), and that stretches 2cm(a little under an inch) into the HDD rack. Sandly, it doesn't look like I can just unscrew the rack.
Has anyone done this?

Really love my case, don't want a new one. :(
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  1. I'm not sure, but I think you can use a regular Drill or a Dremel to remove the rivets.
  2. Maybe I'll just get a new case, as cable management isn't the best in the 300 case. If I was a little better with my hands, I could do a mod of the case, but I'm not.
  3. Go back and check the specs again. My Zotac GTX680 is a mere 265mm including the rear bracket.
  4. Thats the reference card I presume, the Asus Direct CU II is 30cm
  5. Great! I hadn't thought that the 300-2 would have enough room for a GPU of that size, but it does. :D
  6. Wow, only the other day i was asking people if the Asus GTX 680 directcu ii top would fit in my Antec 300...

    What i decided was to get a pair of tin-snips and simply cut out the area of the top HDD Bay that would get in the way.

    Anyway i ordered an MSi GTX 680 due to stock levels of the Asus ones.
  7. I ended up with a 670 instead, and a Corsair Obsidian 550D. The 670 was just small enough for the Antec 300, but more room inside the case, and less noise from the computer is great.
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