I have a laptop with 478 pin socket process. this is is a celeron M processor. c

Hello, I have a laptop with intel 478 pin socket processor. This is is a celeron M processor. can i upgrade it to intel pentium 3.4GHz?

please let me know
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  1. Why bother, it's time for a new laptop.

    Dell had Core i3 laptops for $309 the other day.
  2. instead of wasting this machine. i was thinking of to upgrade it for my work. it is still as good as new. A+ in looks and overall condition is 100%
  3. You will need to check the manufacturers supported cpu list or even just find out what other processors were offered in that model. The concerns are that the integrated PSU or cooler might not have enough power for any demanding cpu, as well as the bios is typically locked as to which cpu's it will work with. Google is your best friend in this instance.
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    You can go on eBay, Amazon, or a local thrift store or pc shop that has some scraptops or lose cpus for sale. You need a pentium 4 mobile edition and will need to look up what models it supports and yes you can upgrade it. For the nubs that didn't know that intel had made mobile pentium 4 yes they did and for a while they did sell well due to the brand. Some did run at rather decent wattage but the clocks were not so great.

    Load up CPU-Z and then tell us what core and what model that your celeron is. By the way you can use your old cpu in a desktop socket 478 board if you wanted a cheap FreeNas box that didn't use to much power.
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