Installing graphic driver on SSD instead of disk - performance gain?

I have a 60 gig SSD that I use for my Windows boot drive, and dual hard drives in RAID for all my storage. Due to space limitations, I have been always installing the ATI Catalyst drivers on my spinning drives.

I'm pretty sure that graphics drivers get loaded into RAM when booting up, but nowadays drivers are over 100 MB, so there is a lot more than a simple driver in there.

Could there be any performance gain from installing video drivers onto an SSD instead of hard drives?
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  1. I doubt it.
  2. No , because once the drivers are loaded then there loaded and unlike an application are not opened and closed so the perfomance gain will be from windows being loaded on the SSD.
  3. I don't think there will be any difference , but theres nothing wrong with tyring.
    Give it a go and see if you notice anything and let us know.
  4. It will load faster from the SSD but once in RAM there will be no performance difference.
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