PCI input device driver missing for dell4550 microsoft XP

PCI input device driver missing.

I've never had so many problems before a friend ran a free AVG scan (without my consent) that deleted restore points before 11/24/11. Many problems have followed (deleted nikkon camera/computer and can't download programs gone & delete line #missing ext. to open files & visual memory low)) so i bought SpeedUpMyPC optimizer scan in jan/12. No improvement. 2/12/12 my husband dumped some programs he said I didn’t need that were just taking up too much memory it declared it fixed. I ran an optimizer scan. Found many problems it fix, pressed optimize, restart. It couldn't complete fix because this device was missing. Tried to Microsoft system restore back 3 days then 5 days and now I can't restore because of missing PCI input device. Error

Restore incomplete,click,AppleSyncNotifier.exe can't be found for configuration CoreFoundation.dll, close or OK, click OK, PCI input device missing
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  1. you will find all driver needed here http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/ca/en/cadhs1
  2. OK. Now all the errors registered are related to the MobileMe control panel ....
    You need to download a fresh copy of the setup file and reinstall it...
    Namely, a fresh downloaded version of iTunes...

    When opening the MobileMe Control Panel for Windows, you may receive one of the following alerts:

    "This application has failed to start because CoreFoundation.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
    "MobileMe Control Panel cannot continue as Apple Application Support is missing or outdated. Please uninstall and reinstall the latest version of iTunes and MobileMe Control Panel to fix this issue."

    This can occur if you have uninstalled Apple Mobile Device Support or Apple Application Support from your computer.

    MobileMe Control Panel for Windows requires Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support.1 They are both included in the iTunes installer.

    To reinstall Apple Mobile Device Support or Apple Application Support:

    If iTunes is still installed, uninstall iTunes.
    Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

    This specific dll file (Dynamic Link Library) is being used by one of your Apple software installed applications (iTunes? QuickTime? MobileMe?...)

    There’s high probability that from some reason the registration of one of these applications on your Windows registry system has got damaged.

    Each installed program or application is being registered via your Windows registry system, and if something goes wrong with that registration, you won’t be able to properly run one or more of your applications.

    The reason is that when you (or another automatic process) try to run that application, Windows cannot find the path to that Corefoundation.dll due to that corruption in the registry system, and it results with the Corefoundation.dll was not found error message.

    You need to detect and repair the ‘broken’ registry record that causes this error and fix it. Now of course most of us can’t do that alone, and actually this might be quite risky if it is done improperly, so you’ll need someone professional to take a look at your registry files.

    The easiest way to do that is by using an “errors scanner” or a “registry scanning tool”.

    Such a Windows errors repair tool quickly scans your registry and tracks the cause to that Corefoundation.dll was not found error. It works this way - after scanning your entire registry system, you’ll receive a detailed report about all your damaged registry records including those related to your problematic dll and/or exe files. Then, all you need to do is to let it automatically repair these errors. By the end of the repair process, I highly recommend you to set it to an automatic scan for at least once a week – from my experience this will save you future headaches and lots of problems.
  3. After you finish with the installation of the above mentioned package and rectification of the first 2 registered problems, we can tackle the the 3rd one. Since that PCI device could be the Apple peripheral too....
    Either it will automatically be detected or then we will help you look into it further.
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