Xion XON-990-BK

Hello. I've been looking at every case I can find trying to find what I like best and so until now I have been deciding between the In Win Buc and the Rosewill Blackhawk.

Then I came across this Xion on Newegg with no reviews...
It has pretty much every feature I wanted that lead me to the Buc and Blackhawk except it's even cheaper. The problem is that I've searched and found no reviews of this case at all. No newegg reviews, no tech site reviews, no youtube unboxing videos, or anything. The Xion website says it was released in January so it seems like there should be something.

So does anyone have this case and have an opinion about it? If not, what are your feelings about Xion cases in general and how they compare to similar priced cases like the ones I mentioned? I appreciate any input. Thanks!
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  1. Looks to be an alright budget case, lack of dust filters being its biggest negative.
  2. I have this case and I really like it. I have an AMD Phenom II 1035T idling at 23c with stock fans and stock CPU cooling and a Sapphire HD 6950 idling at 35c.

    These cases do have dust filters except for the large left side fan grill where you would put up to 4 120mm fans or a single 220mm. I have not installed any additional fans yet - I don't seem to need them.

    There are now two reviews of this case on Newegg. One is mine and the other is someone who seems to go to every site that sells this case and tell everyone that the HDD cages have plastic trays and he thinks they will melt from the heat. I've had mine a few months and no melting despite long daily hours of gaming (mostly Minecraft and DDO, some Skyrim).

    I have never dealt with modern wire routing before and found it kind of fun. I had no trouble getting most of the wires out of the way even though my PSU is non-modular.

    I like the hot swap HDD dock on top. I didn't think I would use it but do and I'm glad it's there.

    The case looks much nicer in person than in the pics, though it's no show stopper in looks. Blue power LED, red HDD led, blue led fan in front behind grille.

    Three USB 2 ports and one USB 3 (with an internal header) up front along with phone/mic jacks.

    There is a lot of clearance under the bottom for airflow into the PSU and the optional fan vent there - both have removable dust filters. Looks like it's over an inch off the desk, but I can't find a ruler anywhere... figures.

    I am not currently using the radiator area in the top on this case, but I just bought a second one which will house a new, more powerful system and that one will use it for a Corsair H80.

    Hope this helped.
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