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I need some advice on graphics and a few other things (NEW BUILD)

Okay guys, I really need your help.
Up until a few days ago, I was 100% sure about what components I wanted in my new system.
Now I am so, so lost.
What I currently have: (budget of about 3 grand MAX)
-3x Asus 24" LED monitors (I have 2/3 already)
-NZXT Phantom case (Already have it)
-2x Hitachi 1.5 TB HDDs [6 gbps, 64 mb cache] (Already have)
-8 GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 RAM (Already have)
-Logitech G510 keyboard (Already have)
-Logitech G500 mouse (Already have)
-Asus DVD/CD burner (Already have)
I got pretty good deals on all of this stuff, and I'm happy with it (most of it sitting in it's box still until I finish) and now I need to buy the most important parts: the power supply, the motherboard, the cpu, and the gpu(s). After doing some EXTENSIVE research, I thought that SLI GTX 580 3 GB classifieds were going to be my best choice, but with the 600/7000 series on the horizon, I'm not so sure anymore. A little information:
-Budget for graphics: $1300
-Will be gaming at a resolution of 5760 x 1080, so keep that in mind when you make a recommendation
-I want to play the latest and greatest games in ultra settings in DX11 with MSAA and all that good stuff enabled (Physx I don't really care about, but that would be nice to enable if possible)
-I want to achieve the glorious 60 fps with all of this if possible, but if the game is really graphically demanding, I don't care if the framerate slips under that.
-After all of this, I clearly need SLI/Crossfire.
-Please also make a PSU recommendation if possible.
Now, here's a question for all of you. I heard that the 600 series was once again going to be a rebrand of the Fermi architecture. Is this true? This would be pretty depressing for me, but not a big deal.
If it will be using Fermi, which sadly I think is the case, will the step-up from 500 - 600 be the equivalent of the step-up from the 400 series to the 500 series? By this, I mean that basically this is how it went
560 = a 470 with higher clocks
570 = a 480 with higher clocks
Really, I wish I could afford 3-way SLI 580s, but it's just out of my reach money-wise. So, the only reason I reconsidered on the glorious 580s was in my head, I think:
GTX 670 = a 580 with higher clocks at a price of $350 hence I could afford three
Now, another question (I'm full of those, aren't I :-) do you think since the 600 series is going to be more energy-efficient, that three 670s will run on a quality 1000W PSU?
Now before thinking, "the 600 series isn't out and until it's out, these questions can't be answered.
I'm here just looking for opinions, no necessarily facts. Every opinion is appreciated. Thank you for reading the ramblings of a 14 year old.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Let me also add I'm upgrading from a tri-core cpu and a geforce 7800 GT graphics card, heh heh.
  2. EDIT: This here article suggests there will be no 600 series and Nvidia is going straight to 700.... a penny for your thoughts?
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    You simply cannot make plans with unreleased hardware. All it will take is something like, "Power consumption is higher than expected."
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