Hello, im about to build my new gaming rig but i wanted to know if anybody can help me judge and or let me know there any flaw in my computer build!want to know if all components are compatible and if thats all i need for a gaming rig!!! motherboard-asus maximus iv extreme cpu-i7 2600k cpu cooler-noctua nh-d14 gpu-2 gtx 580 ram-corsair dominator gt 8gb ssd-corsair force gt 120 gb hdd-seagate barrucada 1tb optical drive-sony optiarc black blu-ray burner computer case-cooler master half x power supply-cooler master silent pro 1000wtt monitor-asus ve278q 27inch speaker system-logitech z623 200 mouse-razer mamba 2012 keyboard-razer lycosa thanks in advance for everybody's advice and or critizism :)!!!
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  2. I think the general consensus here is that the i7 2600k will get you no extra performance over the i5 2500k in terms of gaming so you could save money and switch that out.

    My preference is for one single powerful card as opposed to two lesser in sli/xf but thats up to you.

    Other than that it looks fine.
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