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Hello, i had bought a card that had 5 mini display ports, and i bought 5 mini display port to VGA active adapters. should this work to have 5 seperate displays? and if im using a non native HDMI moniters will it be ok with VGA?
heres card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150574
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  1. as long as the adapters work as advertised they should be fine. The card did should be fine what adapters did you get?
  2. mini display port to vga active. i was asking because some reviews said it doesnt work with a non native hdmi monitors. my monitors are only vga and dvi so i chose vga.
  3. well since hdmi and dvi are essentially the same thing I would say yes
  4. i bought VGA adapters not DVI
  5. I understand that but it is the driver board that is on the display that counts. say if you had an old vga only display it probably would not work. but seeing as how you have the dual vga/dvi I would suspect it would, although I would have suggested (if you would have asked before purchase to get the display to dvi adapter) but at this point you really cant do much but get the others and return the vga or try the ones you have. dont fret you can always get what you need if it doesnt work.
  6. you should be fine. now hat are you doing with them.
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