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I have a Gateway Profile 4 all in one that shutdown after running about 10min. following a memory upgrade. Power button flashing red? To fix I upgraded CPU to Intel P4 2.8ghz 800mhz 478 CPU and new motherboard. New memory is PC2700 184 pin and supported by above processor. Still have Power button flashing red, monitor, fan powers up HDD and floppy not being accessed? HELP... -Steve
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  1. Does the system run again when you take the new RAM out?
  2. no. replaced motherboard and put in 2.8 ghz 533mhz processor thinking 800 mhz not supported. power on, kybd lights flash, monitor (integrated display powers up and menu functions work but no bios scrn no peripherals start. Left to replace are inverter card (connects to external power supply), serial card ... If you know someone who has worked on Gateway Profiles ask them to help me. Thx
  3. It sounds like you've already spent way to much to fix a system tats already real old. Sorry to say you would have been better off just buying a new $350 pc than throw money at the old one.
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