Multiple IE9 issues with only Toms Hardware

Spare me the flack, but I am a big IE fan since IE4 (my first browser was Netscape 1.22). I have had absolutely no issues with IE9 except for fuzzy text (firefox was effected also) but that seems to be fixed. What has not worked very well are the drop-down menus on article reviews to jump to a certain page of the article. The I tried to post a comment on the Notebook Troll Patents news page and despite browser restarts and multiple attempts, I could not get my comment to post. I download Opera and after entering my login information it works perfectly. I have not tested the drop-down menues in Opera but they work perfectly in firefox.

Why and what is it that seems about the Toms Hardware site/coding that causes these Internet Explorer only bugs?
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  1. Are you on the latest version of Java? Have it verified at It might also be worth updating both Adobe Flash and Shockwave at

  2. Ok, now the drop-down menu's appear to have changed sometime between now and the last few days but now their not working at all in IE9 but they do in Opera. My java runtime was up to date, I am not sure about adobe but I think it was also, now I am sure it is.
  3. I'm still unable to post comments in the news listings. I hit post comment nothing happens, works fine in Opera. I have never encountered an IE9 bug on any website other than Tom's hardware
  4. This has been the same over multiple clean windows installs and I'm pretty sure it was acting up on a friends system too (with the dropdown menus)
  5. FWIW, I'm having problems with IE9 as well.
  6. I opened the IE10 platform preview 2 and got the same issue with the dropdown boxes, didn't try the rest. Maybe someone here, like the last guy who is a moderator can get in touch with the top THG admin's to look into the problem and maybe even contact Microsoft with a bug assuming THG isn't using some kind of non-supported code
  7. The in-article drop-downs aren't working at all for you in IE9? Can you snap a screenie and post it here or send to if you would? This'll help tremendously in narrowing down what's happening exactly.
  8. Well, used too the drop-down menu's I think had some green trim on them... and they would drop down and kind of "flciker"... and sometimes I would be able to scroll down to the page I was trying to forward too sometimes not... But I'm not sure what a screenshot will do with whats going on now as when I click on the drop-down arrow nothing happens! not much to screen there!
  9. Dude, I loaded up a TOTALLY CLEAN Windows 7 sp1 installation (ie9) in VMware and same issue. Drop down menu's don't work at all in the review articles where you can jump to specific pages
  10. It's just a shot in the dark, but does compatibility mode help at all?
  11. That is logical, but no, compatibility mode does not help
  12. compatibility mode does work, but regular ie9 mode doesn't is there a way to fix it?
  13. Compatibility is only based off the idea of working with say older website designs and layouts. Builds even maybe. Cause IE9 think has a "feature" override. For the new software set. Not saying the browser don't or didn't work, or your software probably isn't so placed to even use the "software", just can not probably access as it is for what would normal be accessed for use of the browser.

    So, when you are accessing something you would normally access and get all sorts of different stuff thats not different but not the same, i would say "override" issues, cause think only some say, "software" is different, yes?
  14. aford10 said:
    It's just a shot in the dark, but does compatibility mode help at all?

    It does with some sites, I've some to learn, but using the sites after awhile get hard to do for some reason. But not at all times. Especially when you are no longer using them for whatever reason.

    So, most times maybe not. But is variant. If it did would be a usefully feature, yes?

    But probably a hard one to use.

    Upscaling would be mainly why i would think. But still doesn't explain it all the time.
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