Radeon 6770 Will Not Boot

Hey everyone, I've been searching multiple forums and fiddled with this thing for hours without luck. Before I drive 2 hours to return it I wanted to make sure I've exhausted all my options. I know there are tons of similar threads so I do apologize.

I bought a MSI Radeon HD 6770. I have been unable to get it to boot up. My monitor is not getting a signal from it at all and my computer isn't recognizing it. The fan is spinning on the card but that's about all the action I'm getting out of it.

What I'm working with:

Intel DH55HC Motherboard w/ i3 processor, 8GB DDR3 ram and Windows 7
PCIe 2.0 x16 slot
MadDog 550W psu (using an LP4 to 6pin connector that came with the video card) and Coolermaster 460W psu (has a regular 6pin) - neither get it to work
My HP monitor has a DVI-D cable and the card has a DVI-I port... I was assured this wasn't an issue, though, and when I researched online I found no issue with this

Onboard graphics work fine and an old Radeon X1300 will work in the PCIe 2.0 slot without issues, leading me to believe it's not the motherboard or PCIe. Either of the PSU's should be able to handle the graphics card I would imagine - at least enough to boot it up, right? The card requires 450W. I have tried disabling and uninstalling the onboard graphics without luck. I've set PCIe to primary video adapter in BIOS with the same effect. I've swapped the card in and out multiple times without change. I'm really not sure what else I can try :(

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I have to say if it were me I would return the card. Now with tha being said are you the one in the pic? No disrespect just asking?
  2. I was thinking that was probably my last option at this point, although I was hoping I could save myself the drive. And I'm really reluctant to try another HD6770 at this point but I don't even know if they will let me pick something else.

    And on the side note yes that's me, lol. I always get the "That stuff is for YOU?" comment at the computer store, but that's what happens when you grow up with two brothers. You end up all nerdy and stuff.
  3. Well Im glad it makes me think really good things of you. I sent you a friend request. But yes I would send it back it just isnt doing what it is supposed too. What do you play?
  4. If a 2nd card works and the new one doesn't, that almost proves the new card is defective. And, yes, the DVI-I integrates both digital and analog over the same cable whereas DVI-D is just digital.
  5. 6770 is a good card BTW it just seems that the one you got isnt playing nice. Also nerdy doesnt mean NOT beautiful. just means smart!
  6. So there is no chance it's the power supply (supplies)? I was wondering if that LP4 to 6pin was a great idea, but I figured it came with the card, so why not. I also tried different LP4s, just in case ;) I just would hate to pick up that same card and get the same result. I figured a 5670 might just be less trouble since it eliminates the power supply cable issue.

    Thanks clutchc, I was thinking the DVI wouldn't be the issue, but figured I better double check.

    xtc, for a while I tried every MMO out there. Now I am just playing guild wars waiting on Guild Wars 2 to come out and possibly Reckoning and the Old Republic MMO. So many MMOs, so much real life, so little time. Thank you for your help, also!
  7. You are very welcome! I agree life is so much to deal with at times. And me being an emt is a real tough deal at times. but I find that playing games helps. It gets me out of the real world for a while. I played guild wars for a while but have a hard time with RPG games as they take soooooooooooooo much time I just dont have. So I have chosen to play games that dont take as much time but give a good experience. good luck!!
  8. That's funny you'd say that. I'm a paramedic, lol. I agree, it's a nice escape for a while when you don't wanna deal with anyone. Thank you, I hope this GPU issue will be resolved one way or another!
  9. What thats awesome! I believe you can get it done!!! People are crazy right?!
  10. Holly crap you rock climb????!!
  11. Update:

    So I took the card back and exchanged it for an identical one. When I installed that, it actually sent a signal to the monitor this time and booted up. I installed the drivers, re-booted and... got a screen full of colored lines after the "loading Windows" message. Removed and uninstalled it, re-installed it... and got a blue screen of death after the loading message. Also, it looks to me like the GPU circuit board doesn't look right. I wouldn't call it melted, but it just doesn't look the way it should. The fan was spinning the entire time it was in the case (which wasn't long, obviously). I was worried the PCIe slot on the motherboard was damaged, but my old Radeon X1300 would install just fine afterwards.

    Honestly, WTF?
  12. Hell I really don't know. Its so hard to diagnose without actually having it here.
  13. Seeing as the mad dog psu seems to have terrible inconsistencies is power output I guess it could be the problem but it would need to be tested. How long have you had the psu?
  14. I've had it for a few years but it's never given me any problems. However, the last card wouldn't start at all with the brand new coolermaster psu so I'm thinking it shouldn't be a psu issue.
  15. It really shouldn't seeing as the cards had different issues. I think the place where you are getting the cards maybe selling RMA'd faulty parts or your motherboard maybe having issues with the pci Slot it is so hard to diagnose over forum but you could just go get your money back just say you decided to get a card on newegg and do that. An old PC store I worked at sold faulty parts all the time because they were cheaper and they made more money. I found out and quit. Do that and get your money back. I'm sorry it worked out this way. I do believe its not your equipment
  16. So three failed Radeon cards later (MSI HD6770x2 and Gigabyte HD6570x1) I ended up exchanging the third one for a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti and it works like a charm. I'm baffled, but glad it works.
  17. I would say that makes two of us! I am glad it does as well. God luck I hope you get some good play time out of it.
  18. You might have software issues that are causing your problems with the earlier cards. Unless you just want to leave well-enough-alone, I would uninstall the Nvidia driver, reboot to Safe Mode, and run Driver Sweeper.
    Have it search for and remove any Nvidia, AMD, and ATI graphics driver remnants it finds. Reboot and install the latest driver for your card.

    Then run CCleaner to get rid of resource wasting garbage and junk, and correct any registry errors. Do the Clean and Registry both. Reboot and defrag.
  19. The new card worked genius!
  20. Plus the first wouldnt even post. the second had issues after drivers were loaded. That wold be the only card that would have maybe benefited from your fix. Sorry man!!
  21. I realize that, that's why I suggested the OP had software issues. Registry issues. Changing from an AMD card to an Nvidia card to solve the problem isn't a solution. It's just a 'fix'.
  22. Throughout all of this the Radeon X1300 Pro I had worked without any issues, though (and I had never installed it on that MB/OS before - only after the first Radeon failed). I would have put my money on a motherboard/PSU issue but the old Radeon and now the new Nvidia had no problems. I always made sure to remove all the drivers and did a registry check as well. I did get a new Corsair 600W PSU when I picked up the third Radeon but it made no difference. TBH I think the third card had been used before. The box was opened and the card itself looked odd... like the circuits had gotten too hot. The first card did not look like that, but the second one did as well. My X1300 and the Nvidia look fine. I will definitely try that Driver Sweeper though so it can get rid of anything the Radeons might have left behind :) Thank you!
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