Upgrade soon. Need advice.

Hi all im gunna be upgrading soon and i need advice here:

Approximate Purchase Date: (Start of next month)

Budget Range: (e.g.:R3000-R3500)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: (Gaming)

Parts Not Required: (Keyboard, mouse, ram, lcd, case, ) **Gigabyte odin 585w**

Country: (e.g.:South Africa)

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (Not sure)

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: ( 1920x1080)

Additional Comments: (Im running a i5 650 @ 3.2ghz with a Geforce gtx550ti gfx card.)

What i need help with is. I can either buy a new mobo and cpu (i5 2500k) or i can get a gtx560ti. Thnx for your time
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  1. I am worried the Gigabyte PSU wouldn't do well with a 560TI, so I would lean more toward the 2500k, but I honestly don't know if I would do either one.

    I guess just get the 560TI, or alternatively an HD 6950 which may be cheaper and performs the same and have some other money ready in case you have to get a new PSU at the same time.
  2. Thnx for ur help :)
  3. Thnx for ur help :)
  4. Ignore my 2nd thnx lol I hit enter twice
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