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Will starcraft 2 run on an intel 4 chipset?

Will starcraft 2 run on an intel 4 internal chipset?

Also I have a e7500 core 2 duo with 2.93GHz.
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    No it won't.You'll need a discrete GPU in order to play SC II.
  2. Okay thanks. What do you mean by a discrete GPU?
  3. A discrete GPU is a like a add on card.

    I can help you find one if your looking for one.
  4. I've thought about buying one but i think my computer would still be lacking in other areas, so my brothers and i might make make a new one for gaming sometime. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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  6. The e7500 should handle SC II just fine.Something like a 6670 would allow you to play it on high settings.I used to play SC II with a 5570 and I could still play it on high settings.
  7. We only have 1.93 GB of ram. Would that need to be upgraded for decent gaming? Would the graphics card you suggested be able to handle games new games (not bf3 on full graphics but new rts games and etc)?
  8. Your RAM will be a problem but i'm sure you can upgrade it with 2 more GB's.

    Not something like Shogun but which games did you have in mind?
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