Need urgent help for gpu

hey guys i am going for new rig. specs are
intel core i5 2500k
asus p8p67 mobo
8gb ddr3
coolermaster storm enforcer pc case
fsp epilson 700w or maybe thermaltake tr2 700 (thats the best available here)
samsung s20a300b 20inch led (1600x900) consider this resolution

now for the gfx card m struck. i will be playing bf3 (ultra settings) mw3, nfs the run dirt3 etc...almost all the games in market and coming at ultra

nw what i can go for is hd 6870, gtx 560, gtx 560ti and 6950 (may be) all 1gb versions from either evga xfx or his.

i need help which one to choose. here in pakistan its like in pkr
6870 for abt 21k pkr
gtx 560 for 22.5k pkr
gtx 560ti for 23.5k pkr
hd6950 for approx 23.5k pkr....

also i can overclock them a little wid my mobo.
i wont be crossfiring/sli....

ps. m tight on budget and want it too for engineering softwares like etabs,autocad etc....

need ur help urgent.thanks :-)
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  1. 560Ti and 6950 have almost the same performance. This card will play everything on ultra on your monitor resolution. I think for your resolution 6870 is enough. If have in plan to change your monitor soon with some full hd then go with 560Ti or 6950.
  2. I have a palit 560ti 2gb card which is great for bf3 and 3dsmax|revit|engineer. There is a new 560ti that has more cores, I have 384, and the new one is 448(?). That extra boost is worth it.

    ATI makes fantastic cards, especially for gaming, but they aren't quite compatible with CUDA processing, not because they can't do it, but the bridge from nvidia is written but not quite there yet. It will be I have read.

    Do not overclock your GPU. Just raise the fan speed with programs like Xtreme Tuner HD (free).
  3. on more thing. here sometime (mostly) we are short of stock. and ritenw 6950 is short of stock too. so whether i go for 6870 or gtx 560ti... considering its 4k more than preceding
  4. evga gtx 560ti 01GP31560KR is what available here
  5. and yeah everyone says the same that the cards have approx equal performance bt that dont help. there must be some thing different in both. whether it is graphics quality or speed etc.....what is that? which one rules? biased answer please....;-)
  6. Look into the AMD 7870. I have been running nVidia since the dawn of time and just upgraded to one of those. Offers fantastic perfomance for the games in question. Super easy to OC as well. I have mine running on par with a 7950; only a few FPS difference. They run around $220 and come with 4 free games at the moment if that factors into your decision making process at all. Should last you a while before you have to upgrade as well. Nice build specs tho man. The nVidia equivalent would be the 660gtx if we are comparing stock performance. Both are good cards IMO. I just would prefer the AMD due to the overclocking capabilities. Nice build tho man. Hope this helps and enjoy your gaming rig!
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