Three monitors setup

i got three monitors that i want to run ... and i got two different VGA Cards , Gts250 and GT9500 ... is it ok if i connect them ( Non Sli ) so i can run three monitors ???
and how ??!!!!

please help me :)
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  1. it can be done if you have extra PCI-E slots for gpu.
  2. Ive been wondering the exact same thing, I think you can, I have two 560ti's in sli the I use to run my surround setup, but when i first tried to hook it up I couldnt enable max performance sli mode with 3 seperate monitors only groups of two, so I turned sli off and I got all three to workjust set your resolution for whatever it is and adjust your desktop accordingly
  3. it worked for me .... :)
  4. good for you :)
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