If i set up a wireless connection will it mess up if i try to make it back a wir

i have a wireless router but my computer is on a wired connection im trying to play online with my ps3 so i wanna set up a wireless connection but if i cant get it connected can i go back to the wired connection without to much hassle or will i have to fill out information for the wired connection again?
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  1. The ps3 can be connected wirelessly and the PC can be connected wired at the same time with no changes to the PC. If you want to switch the ps3 from wireless to wired I'm not sur, I don't have one but I think you will need to change settings.
  2. no like the wireless router isnt working cause i dont have it set up and what im asking is if i create a wireless network and it does not connect the way i want it too can i convert everything back to wired without much hassle.
  3. As someone19 said you can use both the wired and wireless connections on the router at the same time without having to change the PC -- just use the PC to open the configuration page for the router ( see the manual for specifics) and setup the wireless so that it is active and then setup the PS3 so that it can connect.
  4. No need to change the wireless settings if it doesn't work the way you want them to, just disable the wireless on the router and your done. Turning the wireless networking on and off does not change the wired network connections in anyway what so ever.
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