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I hope people can help me on my problem, this morning was watching videos when the screen went black for a few seconds and then came back with a windows message saying "display driver and stopped responding " ever since today everytime i would try to watch a video online it would go black, then get the display driver message and then the video would turn green. i can hear the audio but the video would be green. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and even rolling back the drivers but they still dont work. Now that when i even try to open up games it would freeze my computer. I downclocked the video card to factory settings and it still does the same thing. Then when i tried running furmark it showed up like the picture below and after a few seconds computer froze. Is this a faulty video card or some other problem?

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  1. try this
    uninstall your drivers again, dont restart
    uninstall your web video software like flash, silverlight, etc.
    uninstall any codec packs you have. or individual codecs (im only worried about the software that comes with it not the codecs them selves)
    run driver sweeper
    install your video card drivers
    see if it works right now.
    install the rest of your stuff you removed.
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