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Dedicated Graphics RAM vs Shared graphics System RAM

guys i wanted to know about the Shared System RAM in windows for GFX cards
if i have 2 gfx cards with same processor speed etc but their ram is different
1 has 1gb dedicated ram and reaches 2.6gb with shared system ram
other has 2gb dedicated and 2.6gb with shared system
which is more powerful in terms of graphics?
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  1. RAM is not the only determinate of a graphics card's power. More important is its clock speed and number of shaders (or whatever Nvidia calls them)
  2. if the processors and everything is the same except for RAM then which is better?
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    for gfx cards the gpu comes first, then the memory. for instance, a radeon hd 6950 with 1 gb gddr5 ram would be much faster than a radeon hd 6670 with 2 gb ddr3 ram. the 6670 has a slower gpu that cannot utilize the 2 gb vram it's equipped with. moreover, the 6670 has slower ddr3 memory while the 6950 has faster gddr5 memory and gpu that can efficiently use all of its vram.
    multiple factors decide which gfx cards will be faster. ram is only one of those factors. other factors are gpu clock speeds, memory bus width, memory bandwidth, architecture/fabrication process etc.
  4. ok but if umm there are 2 gfx cards a zotac 560 ti 1gb and 2gb edition and with shared system memory they both reach 2.6gb which one performs better?
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