Help needed-Can't choose Optical Drive

I am buying parts for my gaming pc for which I have chosen i5 2500K processor and 1TB HDD. I am also buying either the nvidia 560 ti or radeon 7850 graphics card. The OS will be windows 7 home premium 64bit.

I just do not know which optical drive to buy to get good performance while playing games.

The only option I have seen as of now is the LG 22x DVD Burner SATA Model GH22NS90B-OEM, and that too from the list of System Builder Marathon from

Please help...
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  1. Hello akhr;

    That DVD Burner would be OK. In fact any SATA DVD burner will be OK.
    It won't matter.
  2. there not much to choose among internal optical drives. same price range and quality. Just avoid the products with OEM tag. urs is the case. This product is not made LG but by somebody else. These r bit cheaper, a tiny amount. So, it is better to buy the product manufacture by the main company itself.
  3. +1

    Basically all DVD burners are the same these days. The only differences being whether they support Blu-ray, Litescribe (burns images to the top of special discs, probably not worth it) and laptop/slimline drives.
  4. OEM version of DVD burner is fine.
    No reason to pay extra for retail box version that includes a cable and software you probably don't need.
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