Cpu heatsink need to order by 11 tonight

Just finished my build and not happy with prime95 results when running im at 75degrees and havent even o/c

I want a bettter cooling solution on air please. have 2 * 200mm fans and a 140 mm fan so case cooling isnt the issue

Its an 15 2500k 1155 socket

read around and cm hyper 212 and noctua d14 pop up alot however d14 doesnt fit 2500k board

I have been offered a arctic cooler heatsink are these any good?

will spend around £20-25 from ebuyer aria or scan please

also keep in mind please theres a asus 560ti which has a big profile on my z68ap-d3 board
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  1. after more reading it seems I either get the cm hyper 212 evo for £30 or the artic cooling 7 for £15

    The artic is because its local and half the price but alot of ppl seem to steer away from this brand.

    Dont get me wrong I dont mind spending £30 as long as I know its twice as good
  2. Some popular CPU coolers around here: CM Hyper 212 EVO (or Plus), Noctua NH-D14, Thermaltake Frio and Thermalright Silver Arrow.

    They all fit LGA 1155 motherboards.

    - Because of their size, they may interfere with tall RAM heatsinks. On some motherboards, it just blocks the first slot.

    - Again because of their size, they may interfere with your case side panel (+ side fans, if any) if your case is not wide enough.

    Get the one that fits your budget - all work well and are highly reviewed.
  3. why not artic then??
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