Debating on buying a soundcard.

Hi, I was debating on buying a soundcard for my pc running Windows 7 x64(if that helps) and I was wondering if it would make a difference even having one. I would spend probably up to $80 on a soundcard. I have 2 Pci-E x1 slots open and my current speakers are the Logitech Z-2300 2.1 THX 200W. Would it also make a difference if I get a mid range headset for example or maybe a 7.1, or 5.1 3.5mm unit.

Thanks in advanced! I won't be able to reply to anyones comments until 9 hours from now.
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  1. I'd save up for the Creative Titanium Fatal1ty Professional cards. I got myself one for £80 at Ebuyer, and everything sounds great with no static :D
  2. No one will ever understand the true power of a sound card until he had one.. BUT, to feel that deference you must have a high end sound card.. i see that you have a 2,1 system so its not that you need it for a bigger system but for the quality. Please post your motherboard so we can compare some cards with the one you have onboard
  3. for my home speakers I would never get anymore more than 2.1
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