Can 1.3 hdmi go with a 1.4 graphics card


So i have a Samsung 5500 LED HDMI 1.4 conection and a EVGA GTS 450 Graphics card Mini HDMI 1.4a. I'm connecting them with a Noga Net HDMI to Mini HDMI 1.3 cable and i get no video. The TV doesn't even show the cable in the menu.

Is this the wrong cable? Or is my graphics card Mini HDMI not working?

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  1. Hello Gambit123;

    We always hear that HDMI is backward compatible.
    That means your HDMI 1.3 cable should probably work.

    Any other way of testing the cable? Motherboard IGP HDMI port to TV, perhaps?
  2. "High Speed" HDMI 1.3 cables can support most features of the HDMI 1.4 specification with the exception of the Ethernet channel

    "Standard Speed" HDMI 1.3 cables will not necessarily support HDMI 1.4 endpoints
  3. I checked the cable and it doesn't work. So i bought another HDMI to DVI and pluged that in, but the picture is fuzzy...

    I tried everything and i can't get a clear and crisp image with this cable as i can with the tipical VGA cable.

    the res is 1920x1080p (native) and it looks worse on the HDMI cable. I corrected overscan etc and still it looks bad.

    I do however get a good picture at the "PC" res setting in the NVIDIA control panel of 1680x1050. But it's still not as good as the VGA cable picture.

    How can i get a better image through the HDMI connection?

  4. Bad signal on HDMI does not cause images to "get fuzzy", it causes loss of image altogether. If image is fuzzy it means something is doing re-scaling somewhere, check that the source's resolution is truly matched to the display's native resolution and that the display is not doing any re-scaling of its own for whatever reason.
  5. Get your hands on a 1.4 cable and try that. I'm not sure if two 1.4 endpoints can easily talk over a 1.3 cable
  6. Pinhedd said:
    Get your hands on a 1.4 cable and try that. I'm not sure if two 1.4 endpoints can easily talk over a 1.3 cable

    Physically speaking, HDMI 1.0 and 1.4 have the exact same pinout so there is no mechanical or metallic continuity reason for HDMI 1.4 devices to fail to connect over older cables.

    Depending on how long the cables are, the quality of connectors and the cable itself, signal integrity may become a problem. Over short distances such as the typical 3-6' in most AV setups it should still work unless there is something fundamentally wrong with the cable.
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