Computer doesnt turn on sometimes

Hello,turn comp on,4 little lights on motherboard are on, fans r running,but comp wont start up
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  1. I was having this issue not long ago. Come to find out that the new power supply I purchased was defective. Where it sent power to the fans, but the computer just wouldn't fully turn on. Worked fine with my old power supply. Did the same when I put the new power supply in other computers as well.

    Any way you could be more specific?
  2. Agree usually is a sign of failing PSU if you have to press start button multiple times to get boot.
  3. thx for your reply much appreciated i forgot to mention that it finally boots in after a while and then doesnt miss a beat when its going.looked further into it and i disconnected the scanner no problems since maybe as you said too much for PSU thx again
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