Which CPU to go with the 6950

Hello there.
I'm putting together a gaming rig.
I have decided on the sapphire radeon HD 6950 as mf GPU and I would like some advice on which would be an appropriate CPU
Would a I3 2120 suffice or should I get a slightly better CPU to get the best out of my GPU?
I do not plan on over clocking and my budget for a CPU is upto about £150.
any money not spent on the CPU can go into other parts of my build making it more reliable or pretty (the case).

thanks for reading.
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  1. it is better to go with a quad core cpu. Intel Core i5-3450 3.10GHz is a good choice for £155.
  2. would a mid- top range i3 be alright with the 6950 or would I not get the full benefit of the GPU?
  3. An i3 will be able to use the 6950 to it's full potential, in fact it won't bottleneck even the highest end cards.
  4. will i see a massive iprovement when gaming with an I5 over and I3 or just a few FPS? is it worth the extra few £'s?
    My system is purely for gaming so wont be gaming while listening to music and browsing at the same time.
  5. What games?
  6. Planning on getting metro 2033(or w/e its called) SC2, Diablo 3, crysis 1+2( I know 2 is less demanding but still want to get it), witcher 2 and some CoD like shooting games for the multiplayer mainly.
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