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I came for help here back in Nov of 2009 with a computer i was building at the time. Time has passed since and i feel it is time to upgrade a few parts, most noticeably getting a new storage setup. I don't know much about SSD and HDD but i am aiming for 1 SSD as my OS / main program drive with little to no writing involved, and getting a new HDD for space.

As before my goals are only for gaming, and my budget is flexible. I know SSD don't effect much of anything except load times but i am currently using a 7 year old drive that has worn out my patience with its increasing load times (40-60seconds to load many things).

I was looking over other peoples threads and the Samsung 830 ( ) kept coming up, but i noticed that is was a SATAIII where as my current mobo is only SATAII i think.

Is the link to my original post.

If you see anything else that you feel is worth upgrading at this time feel free to chime in.

Thanks again for the help.
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    You don't need a sata III controller (sata III is backwards compatable with sata I or sata II), but here's one if you don't want to change motherboards:
    This is my Sata III:
  2. Do you think it would be worth it to buy a 2011 socket mobo at this time in preperation for the ivybridge, saving me the money on that controller card. Or is it best to just wait, get that controller card and a new ssd.
  3. Don't buy anything for Ivy bridge yet. Just get the ssd for now. Wait and get a board when you purchase a cpu. You may decide not to spend more on Ivy bridge if the price is higher than the 2500k (for example). Motherboard prices don't rise; don't get stuck with a board you won't need and have to sell at a loss.
  4. Alright thanks for the help.
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