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Windows XP activation problems?

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December 20, 2001 4:16:39 PM

Has anyone had any Windows XP activation problems? Or had to reactivate at all?
I haven't heard a single thing about this since XP was actually released.

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December 20, 2001 5:53:44 PM

My copy doesn't need activation so I dunno. I picked it up for $5.25 (AFTER tax mind you!). The univeristy I take classes at has one of those nifty deals with Microsoft.

All my buddies are using warez copies with no trouble at all. I haven't heard of any activation problems either, so maybe the system is working great (or not at all if I look at my peers)
December 21, 2001 5:47:47 PM

That's why I'm making this post. I'm trying to prove to the naysayers that XP activation problems are a myth.

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December 21, 2001 6:29:56 PM

Most of the people on here didn't activate XP. I think this would be the wrong place to ask.

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December 21, 2001 9:20:44 PM

Did I say this was the only forum I was asking on? :) 

I agree, most people here have gotten around it. Just checking.

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December 22, 2001 12:01:19 AM

Well I didn't get around the activation scheme so easy.

In my experience, I got hit with the activation prompt after merely rolling back a new VIA driver that was apparently uncertified, and was causing havoc on the bootup. No matter what I tried, just couldn't get around that damned activation prompt to logon at bootup. So I took the only known option available to me at the time by reinstalling the OS, in which that solved the problem.

Incredibly annoying feature if you ask me, piracy considerations or not.
December 22, 2001 10:30:37 AM

Do you know if your buddies with warez versions of XP have any problem getting the patches/updates?

December 22, 2001 3:23:25 PM

I got mine from a friend (WinXP Pro), and I didn't have to deal with activation. It just required me to enter the product key, and that's all. Patches, problem. I'm running great, and it's waaayyy better than Win98.

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December 26, 2001 2:11:42 AM

Well, Fatb.

Since you like msft sooooo much, I'll give you this.

Nt 5.5, after you shut off all the Mickey Mouse stuff, is worth the $15 a friend spent on my Xmas gift. The driver setup is pretty smooth, and there's several extra options that make things easier to get to on the menus.

I would like a file search feature that I don't have to hit the 'back' button on every time, and can set the display to show 'detail' always; never 'view thumbnails' 'list' or any thing else. And a phone call that only takes 5 minutes as opposed to 15 would be nice. Note to potential installers: if you have a hoarse voice from all the flu/colds going around, study up on the military/police phonetic alphabet before you call.

I *was* in the midst of writing just the good stuff, when it blue screened on me. Which is actually a step up from Win2k, which just froze.
December 26, 2001 11:18:01 AM

The ONLY known option to you?

Why didn't you just call MS? I'm sure you would have spent at least a few minutes on hold but reinstalling the whole OS just to avoid a phone call? Jesus H.
December 27, 2001 12:04:43 PM

Yeah well, I thought about the phone call. But decided against it.

Something about being highly allergic to MS tech support of <i> any </i> kind.

Note : As a matter of fact, I was *compelled* to activate the OS just a few hours ago instead of going through yet another reinstall of XP. I guess when the CMOS time & date gets reset to a much earlier date in the BIOS, it must somehow flip an activation flag in the OS, perhaps fooling XP into thinking you've had it for more than 30 days.


The web activation took less than 5 seconds.