NBA Playoffs

Here we go - big mavs fan but they have a real uphill battle. Starting at OKC tonight.
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  1. Go Melo and the Knicks!
  2. so far no luck for either team : (
  3. Knicks got schooled!
  4. Game 3 tomorrow night. The Mavs should have resigned Tyson Chandler. What a difference maker and what was Cuban thinking?
  5. Cuban missed the boat on hat one!
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Cuban missed the boat on hat one!

    Absolutley - the best center in Mavs history. Do or die for the Mavs and the Knicks now.
  7. Miami Fan here. Sorry Area its over for the Knickers this Wednesday lol. Heck of a game 4 thou.
  9. Looking forward to a nuggets vs heats championship finals if they both make it.
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