No sound Realtek HD Audio Manager

I got a big problem.I recently upgraded my PC with these specs:
i5 2500k 3.30 GHz
8 GB ram
and an Asrock Motherboard,don't know what model,anyone can tell me how I find out?
Ok well here is the problem,before the motherboard was changed,I could use speakers and headphones at the same time,but now nothing can be done.I found out that in Realtek HD Audio Manager where the green and the pink jacks appear I cannot click and choose whatever I want there ( a headphone,a mic-line or however was it called..,so that may be the problem )
I am waiting for your response,I reinstalled the driver 3 times,thanks a lot for your time to read this and sorry for my english
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  1. ignore this I found the right forum for this
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