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I have a PA system and separate speaker system with two medium size/power speakers that attach to a control box. I use this for singing/entertaining at small venues. A couple months ago during a performance, the speakers both started making loud popping sounds; I had to turn the system off. After a brief intermission, I turned the speaker system on again; all was fine for a few minutes and then the popping started again. I could not determine the problem. I used the same system the same way 3 times since in different locations without anymore problems, making me think that some interference at that one location had caused the initial problem. Tonight, I performed at a location where I had performed a couple months ago with no problem. But tonight I got the popping sounds after the system had been on for about 15 minutes. I turned the system off for a while; turned it back on and it was ok for a few minutes before the popping sounds started again. Once they start, they don't stop till I turn the system off. Each time I turned it off for a while and turned it back on, it was fine for a few minutes, but the pooping would return. Any ideas? This seems to happen whether or not I have the PA system hooked to the speaker system. Any ideas?
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  1. Amp going?
  2. I have no idea if it could be linked to your particular problem but whenever i have cell phones on the first floor of my house the speakers pop whenever the phones access the network.
  3. The cell phone possibility is something I'll check out. At this evening's event there were 3 cell phones in close proximity to the speaker system control box. If this is the answer, though, I wonder why the popping wouldn't start as soon as the system was turned on. Why would it wait till after a few minutes?
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