HD 6670 3 way ?

hello-on the ASRock web sight under the AMD 990FX mother boards and the fataility one board it says you can run a 3 way HD6670 graphics cards on this board and AMDs chart says you can also using an external crossfireX bridge-but for the life of me i cant find an external crossfireX bridge? are we just talking a short DVI to DVI cord or a short DVI to HDMI?
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  1. Did it specifically list HD6670 as one that can tri-fire? Other than the 6900, the only cards that can handle more than crossfire are custom cards and there aren't many that do (I've heard of only one that sells in Europe only).
  2. yes it did on the ASRock web sight and on the AMD web sight says that you can 3 way crossfire the HD6670 but i have no no idea on how you external link the 3 cards together using the DVI or HDMI or the display port connector and some graphics cars also have a VGA on them as well
  3. 3 way xfire means connecting all 3 cards together via xfire bridge to aggregate performance, not each card outputting individual signals. btw the cards can already support up to 4 output with just 1 card. they all output from the card on the 1st x16 slot via HDMI, dual DVI r DP.

    like the person above me said, i doubt this card support 3way xfire. on AMD website they said only does xfire not 3 way xfire
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