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My mother got a new and larger monitor, and it is suggested to change the resolution to 1920x1080 for best display quality..When going under computer Properties, and then Settings, the option for this higher picture resolution is simply not there..Do we need to install something else for this to be accessible, or is upgrading the resolution even possible on her computer?

(I have no CLUE what the SUB-CATEGORY above should be based on the choices given..We are not all computer geeks!)

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  1. What OS are you running? Most versions of windows allows you to just right click on the desktop to get to the properties, if not then navigate to the control panel and find it there. If you are already in the graphics properties and are able to change the resolution but do not see the option for "1920 x 1080" then your graphics card does not support it, or you do not have current drivers - the former is probably the case.

    If your mother's computer is bought from a vender like HP or Dell, post up the model number and we can help out further!
  2. Right click any where on your desk top. The box that appears should show an opption to change resolution. If not do wha darkrydr3 suggested.
  3. What kind of graphics card does she have installed? If you are not sure, press windows key + R (windows key is the one just right of left ctrl), type in "dxdiag", press "display" tab and take a screenshot or a photo. Then go to, select your file, select the option not to resize picture, and press upload. Post here the link.

    this is the link. it worked before on the philips brilliance 224cl . i dont know why its not working now. pls help.
  5. When I bought FLATRON W2246 monitor, I changed resolution to 1920x1080 by using "Intel Graphics and Control Panel" utility of my display card (on Custom Resolution tab). But when I changed OS from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 Enterprise I cound not find it in Display properties and unable to change resolution to 1920x1080. Any suggestion plz
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