Cooler master hyper 212 over temp vr and memory

Hello. I recently installed a Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu cooler on an intell dh67gd board and I am getting over temp warnings (127 memory and 128 VR) even with the case open. All other temperatures are 29/49/26 (cpu/PCH/hard disk).
Two 120mm fans (front/back). Any ideas?
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  1. The CPU cooler should have nothing to do with ram and VR temps! If you are getting this through a 3rd party util try using another program.
  2. Those readings sound wrong to me. 127c is REALLY hot. Hotter than boiling water. At those temperatures, you should be able to feel the heat radiating off the memory. If you can't, give it a brief touch (seriously, just barely tap it). If it's cool enough to touch, it's not at the temperatures your tool is telling you.
  3. Where are you getting that temperature reading from? What program? It sounds more like it is checking the readings of a temperature sensor that does not exist, that is often what is happening when you get a temperature reading of 127 C.
  4. Thanks Guys! The I've seen these "over temperature" warnings with both Intel's "IDU Version 3.2" (Intel Desktop Utilities" and also Pirform's "Speccy version 1.16.317 (64 bit)". Both of these utilities report about the same values but as some of you have already commented, values of 120C make no sense at all. I have probed around on the VRs and memory chips and they all at about ambient temperature. The funny thing is that 99+% of the time there is no issue. When the excursions occur they seem to persist until the system is rebooted. For now I have disabled the VR and Memory warnings.

    Thanks again for the comments.


    P.S. Many chips ago (5 to 10 years ago) I remember the IDU packages having similar problems.
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