Computer will not boot.

Before I begin here are the main specs:

Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V LX Intel Z68
CPU: Intel i5-2500k

Ok, so I received my computer today and upon plugging it in and turning it on, all the lights and fans come on for about a second or two and then shut off immediately, and keeps on repeating.

I know there are a lot of complaints about the XTREMEGEAR psu's, so my question is, can that alone cause this problem?

I just want to make sure that it could single-handedly be because of the PSU before I purchase another one myself and install it.

Any help/insight would be appreciated.
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  1. Anything can be a PSU problem. It touches every part of the computer which is not something that can be said about any other part except the motherboard.

    You are right that XTREMEGEAR is not a respected PSU brand.

    Unless you are planning on heavily OCing the video card, you can probably do just fine with an XFX Pro 650w Core. If you are planning on that, you should push to an XFX 750w instead.

    That being said, do you have another computer laying around that you can use to test things before you go buy something?
  2. Turning off & on like that, I be willing to bet there is a short someplace. Potentially a lose scre or something is under the motherboard & causing a short between the cast & MB. Might need to check under the MB (remove it) or look around for ant of a dozen places a short can occur.
    That said, if you just got the system, call where you bought, they should take care of it.

  3. CyberPowerPC usually makes fully built computers for people, if I am not mistaken.

    That means everything should be pre-installed with little opportunity to screw it up.

    In my experience, these sorts of problems are usually bad PSU or bad/incorrectly installed RAM related.
  4. I would pull all the add in cards memory every thing to bare then start with one piece at a time and see what happens there is a trouble shooting guide here on Toms thats very helpful.
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