5670 in pcie 1.0 slot, running out of ideas

Yeah, I gave my mom my 5670 she has a 1.0 slot, the card powers on, fans spins its all good, however its not detecting the monitor, As far as I can tell it isn't detected in windows, however the new device hardware thing pops up saying oh hey something is new here

I tried installing the drivers, deleting the onboard drivers with driver sweeper in safe mode, still nothin

the PC is an SR5010NX from Dell

I already went into the bios and changed the options from integrated to PCI-E

I have tried it with regular Dsub and a DVI to Dsub converter D:

I know the card itself works fine, I had been using it for a year prior
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  1. If it is a version 2.1 card then you have found an issue that some manufacturers sorted with BIOS update for their motherboards but not nearly all! It was common after the release of the HD5xxx series card to get these posts here! It only affects ver 2.1 cards not ver 2.0!
  2. Yeah, I know that but why is it only semi detected? I figured it would work or not, not kinda in between

    I shall try to get her to do a bios update but she seems content that it will brick her board ... :P
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