Onboard SCSI or Add-In card?

Would you see a performance difference or CPU utilization difference between using a MB with onboard u160 or an addin u160 adapter?

Been reading for days on storagereview and can't find anything, if the performance is the same, it would be nice to save a few dollars.

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  1. Will you really be saving money? I'm thinking of going the expansion card route merely because it is actually less expensive. Case in point: An Asus P2BD usually goes for around $289 while it's SCSI-equipped brother, the P2BD-S costs $550 (your actual prices may vary). Granted, P2BD-S's SCSI is ancient in computer terms, I'll bet that the differences on the newer boards are similar. A SCSI controller can be found for as little as $175 and can come with everything you need to connect Ultra-SCSI 160 devices (internal and external) and legacy devices (internal and external)all at the same time.
    Go to Tekram's web site and look at the DC-390U3W and look for it at pricewatch.com. It seems to be a pretty good deal. I have an earlier posting on the forum asking for feedback on Tekram controllers.
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