My mini SmartBook wi-fi failed authentication to my router

My 7 inch netbook authenticates to a wifi network with short network key but cannot authenticate to one with a very long key. I am using Win CE 6. The encryption method is AES, the authentication method is WPA-PSK. The short password key is 9 digits consisting only of numbers and letters. The long key consists of 35 digits, with spaces, capital letters, numbers and an exclamation mark. Can you help? Thanks.
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  1. Tap the "Start" menu then tap the "Settings" icon, which has a picture of a gear.

    Open the Wireless Connections folder and tap the WiFi icon.

    Tap "Search for Networks" if no WiFi networks are displayed automatically.

    Tap the name of the WiFi network to which you want to connect.

    Select whether you are connecting to an Internet access point or work network in the "Connects to" window.

    Check the box that reads "This is a hidden network" if using a network that does not publicly broadcast a network name.

    Tap the "Next" soft key.

    Select the network authentication settings for the WiFi network to which you are connecting.

    Tap "Next" then "Finish" to finalize the WiFi connection

  2. Been there. Done that. Doesn't help.
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