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hi all,

so i have the logitech z5500 sound system connected to my ht omega striker sound card which outputs a digital signature through the coaxial cable. as of recently, for some reason, i have been trouble controlling the front right and left speakers with the main volume. for instance, when i play music with the main volume all the way up, all the speakers will out put the sound with the front right and left a little louder. but when i turn down the main volume to mute. the front left and right still output the music fairly loudly. i have tried lowering the front right and left in my sound cards application settings but they still will not mute or match up with the other speakers in volume. i have updated the drivers and everything. all that has changed is that i added an extra video card to my system and reinstalled windows onto my new ssd. this is driving me crazy for how small of a problem this is. any help whatsoever on the issue would be tremendously appreciated!

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  1. oh yeah i forgot to add this. when i open up my volume mixer, i can change the applications volume which controls all the speakers' volumes but the main will not do the same
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