Cosmo II or HAF 932

My cousin is Buying my HAF 922 for 100 bucks so i decided to just buy a new case and go all the way im amazed by the Cosmo II but also dont know if the 932 should be enough im only using 2x Sli and 3 hard drives H80 and sabertooth z77 which case would you guys recommend?
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    Buy the one you like! If you do not then you will regret forever, they are both good cases and plenty for your needs.
  2. I own a HAF 932 is has a ton of room in there. I'm running three HDDs in there but I'm only running one graphics card but there's plenty of room for a second one. I'm not running any custom cooling but there are mounting points in the top of the case for a liquid cooling radiator. In fact it has mounting points galore. Not seen the Cosmo II but the 932 is an awesome case in my book I might upgrade the insides but I don't feel like I'll ever need a case upgrade again this thing just rocks in my book.

    I also like that there's no stupid door covering the external bays so I can shove my blu-rays in the drive easily without having to open a door first but that's just me.
  3. Im thinking of just getting the cosmos . Its more expensive $350 vs $150 but i prob wont ever need a new case ever
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