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Hi everyone. I'm soon going to start building a computer and I need some suggestions on what I should buy. I have about £300 each to spend on the Graphics Card and the Processor, and then I have about £500 or £600 to spend on the rest. I've been reading that the GTX 580 or 570 is best for FSX, and the i7-920 or 2600k is the best CPU. Please help me guys, I don't know what ram, motherboard, I don't know what I should buy. I need to be sure so I don't regret my choice later. Thanks.
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  1. Those are both probably true, HOWEVER, both intel and nVidia are coming out with their new CPU's and GPU's respectively in only a few months, so if you can, I'd wait until that or else you'll be outphased really quickly. As far as the MB, if you do wait for Ivy Bridge/6XX series GPU, this would suit your needs I think:

    You'll probably want 16gigs of memory so:

    HDD: Hard drives are all at rip-off prices right now, so wait for a good deal, or wait until they drop again. I'd recommend something like the Caviar Blue series.

    PSU: This should do it's job well:

    Not sure what else you need...

    EDIT: OK there we go :)
  2. Well what if I was to get this :

    Can I still get the same motherboard or do I need to buy something different to it fits with the 8 Core CPU? I'm sorry I'm asking really stupid questions but I have no idea on anything about computer parts etc..
  3. The i7 will outdo the 8150 - the 8150 is the main competition for the i5. You would need to get a different motherboard, one with the AM3+ socket, that motherboard is an intel 2011 socket, which will fit the new Ivy Bridge processors.
  4. Well if I was to get the i5-2600k, and the GTX 580 1.56gb Graphics Card, what motherboard should I get? And what component is most important to record gaming footage with fraps but still get a lot of frames?
  5. The CPU is vital for FRAPS, but the graphics card will help get good frames in the first place. So, the i5-2600K and 580 would definitely be able to hold frames. However, I would caution you against getting a 500 series GPU, and instead going with the Radeon 7970, which is a next-gen graphics card, or waiting for the 600 series to come out. The 7970 is about the same price as the 580 if I'm not mistaken.
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