Core i5 2500k temperatures

Okay so I have a core i5 2500k, overclocked by myself to 4.1ghz with a stock cooler. All I want to know if the following temperatures are fine and if they won't cause any shortening of the cpu's lifespan:

at idle all four cores are at 30-35 degrees
while operating (playing battlefield 3) the cores range from 85-90 degrees

thanks in advance :)
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  1. Those loaded temps are on the high side, you should get an aftermarket cooler. Your idle temps are fine.
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    85-90C just playing BF3 (even if it IS pretty CPU intensive) is too hot. I only saw temps that warm at 4.1 with the stock cooler using Prime 95 and Intel Burn Test.

    My recommendation for you is to get a Hyper 212 Evo I run 4.5 and my temps are in the low 60's with Prime 95 with my 212 Evo (in push/pull).
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