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Driver Sweeper Crashes, How do I remove graphics drivers?

Hi, everytime I install a new nvidia update I get "driver stop responding errors" and I'm wondering how can I get rid of my drivers properly before I install the new ones? I try using Driver Sweeper but it always crashes I click "clean". Thanks for any suggestions.

Graphics card: EVGA 570 SC

Thanks to everyone for your help!
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    add/remove programs in the control panel.
  2. remove drivers in control panel

    reboot in safe mode - use driver sweeper to clean out rest of driver files

    reboot - load drivers

    to get safe mode keep banging on F8 during post

    its a pia but it will work eventually
  3. 1. Use add/remove programs to uninstall the driver
    2. Reboot and use Ccleaner (registry cleaner) to remove all things nVidia
    3. Reboot and check that everything gone, rinse and repeat step 2 if required.
    4. Reboot to Windoze; just say no to any "Can I install new hardware" messages
    5. Download latest driver and install
  4. and I should have added to try windows update if you were having problems. and you should.
  5. My windows automatically starts installing the drivers again once I reboot how do I disable that?
  6. good, let it. then install your downloaded driver.
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