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I have a Rosewill Blackbone and I'm trying to get my air flow (read temps) as low as possible.
My 6870 idles around 35C and load sits around 62-67. My 960t idles around the upper 30's and the load is 49-53 (speed fan, not core). Its unlocked to a 5-core at 3.4ghz 1.32vcore on a CM hyper 212+.

So temps are pretty decent right now, but I'm looking for advice from Tom's community any how.

I just got in a new 120mm CoolerMaster fan for my case.

I currently have 2x 120mm fans (craptastic 600rpm). One is an bottom front intake, one is an exhaust. PSU is top mounted acting as an exhaust as well. I also reused the fan from the stock heat sink (Seems bigger than an 80mm, maybe 90mm?) as an intake on the lower side vent blowing onto the graphics and cpu HS. The Hyper is oriented so that it sucks air from below and blows to the top. Sadly this is the only way it can be oriented and it also blocks the upper side vent so a fan cannot be placed there.

I am planing on moving the current 120mm intake to the side as a vent where the 90mm is, use the new 120mm in its place, and ghetto rig the 90mm as an additional intake below the optical drive.

I was just wondering if this setup seemed reasonable or if anyone has a better idea.
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  1. Your current temps are actually pretty good, more than fine. I wouldn't worry, no point in adding pointless cost and noise.
  2. Well I got the new 120mm to remove the smaller fan on the side. It can get a little loud when watching movies (hooked up to my 1080p tv in the living room). The holes in the side vent cause a lot of turbulence, so I figured spreading the air out over more space would reduce the noise.

    Also, the side of the case would get warm to the touch towards the middle/front of the case. The stock fan was so slow I couldn't feel the air if I placed my hand right behind it
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