Installed new power supply now computer wont turn off by itself

Installed new power supply. Now computer works great but won't turn off power by itself as before. Are there any setting changes I can make.
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  1. What kind of OS do you have? You can go into power options in control panel if you have windows and configure your system to turn off after a duration of it being idle.
  2. Sounds like the new PSU might not be a good one.

    The newer better PSUs are usually able to work with power saving things built into Windows.

    Mind saying what the old and new PSUs are?

    The power settings inside windows shouldn't have changed when you put in a new PSU. I would be extremely surprised if they did.
  3. Sounds like something is indeed faulty. Make sure all the ATX and EPS connectors are seated properly and that the cables are locked tightly into the lug.
  4. I had the same problem as you. Bought a high end PSU and the computer wouldn't shut down. Power button would turn it on, booted normally etc but upon shut down the OS would shut down but the PC would not. My fix is this (after hours of mucking around): turn off windows fast start.
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