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Need a new GFX card

guys i really need help to decide which gfx card to get atm i have a 9400gt which is 'REALLY' slow
Which is the best nVidia GFX card under 300$? is it a 560 ti? i dont use AMD btw my pc crashes alot with AMD radeon cards.
If its a 560 ti which is the best model?
i saw a guy selling a msi twin frozr 2/oc is that better than the evga soc ( gtx 560 ti)
BTW in India the lifetime warranty isnt available and both are the same price and same warranty period.
I may overclock it on my own using msi afterburner.
Please help me with this :??:
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  1. The GTX 560 Ti overclocks very well.
    With a good OC, it matches the GTX 570.
    Could you possible provide a site for buying PC hardware in India, if you happen to know one?

    The MSI Twin Frozer II that person is selling if great for overclocking,
    Since it runs very cool and quiet.
    Talk to the person selling it and ask if it works fine,
    And confirm if it works.
  2. The 560 Ti can overclock as much as 30%

    I'm partial to the Asus model

    To OC use this:

    Or try this new one.... still in Beta
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    Yes 560 Ti is nice.Take a look at ASUS Direct CUII or MSI Twin Frozer II. Buy anything that is cheaper from these two.

    Overclocking with MSI Afterburner is nice, if overclocked properly 560 Ti will be nicer.
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