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Hey guys, I just got my I5 installed and while running prime95 i hit a max package temp of 70c on a overclock to 4.4 GHz. Not sure if that is total safe I am using an h70 core with cooler master SickleFlow fans in push pull config. should I try reapplying thermal past in a different way or should I be fine with that temp?
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  1. 70 is a little high. How did you apply the paste?
  2. It could be the paste/seating or your voltage. What is your core voltage?
  3. applied just a line like the instructions from articsliver. core voltage is 1.28
  4. seems to be fixed with newly applied thermal past. Temps not reaching past 63c on prime 95 only 2 hours in though so will report temps again around 7.
  5. thats fine, i originaly hit 98, then i reapplied paste and reinstalled fan and i got 70 ish with stock
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