Is mu graphics card good enough?

I have the following Configuration-
Processor- Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz(2 CPUs)
Motherboard- XFX MG-63MI-7109 Motherboard
Memory- 2GB DDR2(800 MHz)
Graphics Card- Nvidia Geforce GTS 450(1 Gb DDR3)
Power Supply-eXtreme power Plus 550W R/EU cable

I am planning to add a 2gb of memory......Is my configuration good enough to play Fifa 11 or 12?.....If not what else I can change.....I can't buy a new graphics card or motherboard at the moment...I just wanna play more games....please help.....
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  1. The best thing is to upgrade your memory.
    Requirements for fifa 2011
    Req for fifa 2012
    You can play the fifa games because your video card is more than the minimum required. You can play even now because minimum memory req. is 2GB.
  2. :)
    thanks for the previous reply.......But with my current configuration I am having problems playing Fifa 12....and to some extent fifa 11. Fifa 12 is lagging quite a bit .....that's why I am I have to change my processor....
  3. Yeah, but are you try to play it on max setting and it think yous system is right only gpu is require but as you says that you can't buy another then you should add some more memory
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