I lost the feet on my HAF 922

I recently brought my PC to a friend's house for a LAN party, and I misplaced the feet on my HAF 922 case. I'm just wondering if it's safe to just leave it that way, or if I should replace the feet.
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  1. How is your PSU mounted?

    Is the air intake for the PSU blocked when you set the case on a flat surface without the feet?
  2. I would at least put something else there to compensate and keep it steady. A book or whatever, as long as it doesn't block any (used) air intakes. ;)
  3. If you don't want to order a new set of feet from CM:

    Install your PSU so it intakes air from inside the case, instead of from outside at the bottom of your case.

    That means flipping the PSU so the fan faces into the case. That option should let you set the case on any flat surface without any issues.
  4. Thanks a bunch WR2, I got that taken care of now. Had to redo all of my cable management to do it though haha.
  5. It's not an elegant solution but it's one that works and there aren't any issues flipping a CPU.
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